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Kegerator Completion


Well my Dad finished his conversion of a chest freezer into a 5 tap kegerator as mention in my previous post. I Can’t wait to visit and give it a try.





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Ever heard of a Mamie Taylor? Well neither have I until stumbling upon it last week via the Webtender Wiki. What do you know?- this cocktail seems to be invented in Rochester in 1899! – although it seems like the origins could be debated.

Origins of the Mamie Taylor

The Mamie Taylor was invented in 1899, Rochester NY, for Mamie Taylor; the bartender may have been Bill Sterritt.

Historical References

“The News”, 5th July, 1900

“The latest hit on these hot days is a nice cool “Mamie Taylor.” They are delicious.”

“Washington Post,” 25th July, 1900

“The drink is called by the alluring and euphonious name of “Mamie Taylor,””

“Kansas City Star,” August 12th, 1900

“This is Mamie Taylor. The Mamie Taylor for whom a certain seductive summer drink was named by an admiring bartender.”

“Anaconda Standard,” 16th March, 1901

“A “Mayme Taylor” is said to be the most deceptive drink ever invented…”

The Post Standard”, 7th March 1902
“It was while Miss Taylor was the prima donna of an opera company playing at Ontario Beach, near Rochester, in 1899,” he said, “that she was asked with a number of other members of the company to go out sailing on the lake. As the day was hot and the breeze rather strong, the party returned after a few hours longing for some cooling refreshments. When Miss Taylor was asked what she would have she expressed the wish for a long but not strong drink–in fact, a claret lemonade. When the drink was served it was very evident that it wasn’t a claret lemonade, for it looked like a delicious long drink of sparkling champagne. On tasting it Miss Taylor found it much to her liking, but asked to have the flavor softened with a piece of lemon peel. When this was done the new combination drink was declared a complete success. Bystanders had been watching the proceedings and noticing the evident enjoyment with which Miss Taylor and a few of her friends relished in new drink they finally asked the hotel keeper what drink it was that was being served to them and without hesitation the hotel man replied “a Mamie Taylor” and the name seemed to meet with instantaneous favour and has become famous all over the country.”

  • 2 shots Scotch Whisky (Blended)
  • juice from 1/2 a fresh lime.
  • Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale (to taste)

Squeeze the lime into a tall glass filled with ice, and then add the Whisky; finally, add Ginger Beer to taste, remembering that this is meant to be a long drink.

Quote and recipe taken from Wiki Webtender.

So I made of few of these the other night and they were pretty good. I used ginger ale and a low budget but tasty single malt scotch (McClelland’s Islay) that I had on hand in my bar. I would like to try it with the ginger beer and do think a smoother blended scotch would work better as recommended in the recipe. The smokyness of the scotch seemed to overwhelm the other flavors in the drink a little. So I’m still not sure if I like scotch cocktails, I still prefer vodka as my main spirit to mix and will stick with having my scotch straight up.

For another great Mixology website check out Absolut Drinks – Slaandjivaa

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