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I don’t know about you but there’s been less green in my pocket lately when I’m beer shopping, not too mention the recent rise in beer prices. In particular Victory’s beer at my local grocery store has climbed to around $17+ for a 12 pak sampler (not that it’s not worth it). So today when I was picking up a gift (Butternuts Sampler 12 pak – highly recommended) for a buddy at Beers of the World in Win/Jeff Plaza I was pleasently surprised by the Victory Sampler end cap display exclaiming SALE $10.99! Wow what a great deal, a full $8.00 off the regular price, so I couldn’t resist scooping one up, that is almost as much as you’ll pay for a single flavor 6 pak! I also finally got my hands on Troegs Nuget Nectar, six pack ($12.69) and am anxiously looking forward to trying it… Speaking of trying it: head over to the Rohrbach Restaurant and wraps you lips around their Oatmeal Stout on the nitros tap line it’s lovely, but unfortunately not available in growlers. I assume that’s because the nitros would cause it to foam to much on the growler fill? So I had to take home a delicous growler of the Vanilla Porter instead. Incredible drinkability with hints of coffee and a very nice restrained, smooth vanilla finish and Mrs. CreamAleDrinker even liked it and has been asking for more since we finished it off. That’s a first..


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There is an article regarding the High Falls Brewery buyout on the D & C’s site (about time the published something), makes me feel a little better about what might happen but who really knows. I guess we’ll just have to clutch our Cream Ales and see what happens. I also just recently heard they are now contract brewing Narragansett.

High Falls Brewing may take on partner

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Exceptional vintage photograph of downtown showing the The Powers Building. I love all bikes parked on the sidewalk and the uncongested streets. Thankfully this building has survived all these years too bad the Trolley’s haven’t. Jump over to Shorpy to see it full size.

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As reported in the local news and in the Wall Street Journal the High Falls Brewery is in the final stages of being bought out by the KPS Capital Partners LP, a private-equity firm. They are also hoping to buy of all things Labatt (LaCrap) USA from Anheuser-Busch InBev and per U.S. regulations would have to have own a brewery to produce Labatt’s in order to buy it…. I think I’d rather see the brewery fall into the river gorge rather than start brewing Labatt’s. I don’t see how this could be a good thing and would expect some of their brands to be eliminated by KPS since they are known for scooping up trouble companies and doing what’s necessary to get them on track. I hope this doesn’t result in any job losses for the brewery. Will this be the end of Genesee as we know it? Hopefully not but I think major changes are inevitable. So friends please raise a can in rememberance of this fine brewery and Rochester icon.

There are several good articles about this on local new sites:
10 NBC
Rochester Home Page (with video)

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