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Hey Rochester, why not show some hometown pride by supporting your local brewery this holiday season (and all through the year). Next time your buddy wants to buy a pitcher or 12 pack of cheap canadian swill suggest going with something brewed locally, with such great breweries around town there is something for everyone! I started off my Holiday season with a great sampler case from High Falls Brewing Co., The J W Dundee’s Brewmaster’s Selection case, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to some of their beers that you haven’t had the chance to try yet or that are their Seasonal brews. It contains the Pale Ale, Amber, Honey Brown, IPA, the award winning Pale Bock and the Hefe Weizen.. Also not to be missed this season is their Porter and their Festive Ale. You can try a fresh keg of the JW Dundee Porter on tap down at Monty’s Korner, get it before it’s gone!


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