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Black Dog Music Fest Announces Concert & Activity Lineup
for Premier Event Sunday July 27

20+ Artists! Something for the Whole Family!

The Black Dog Music Fest, http://www.blackdogfest.com, has a full schedule of activities for its premiere festival. The event will be held Sunday July 27 from 1-7 p.m. at the Harley School, 1981 Clover Street, Rochester, NY. The six-hour celebration of local blues, jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, and Renaissance music will benefit the Music Through the Ages Fund, which honors the legacy of gifted local musician and teacher Dennis Monroe.

Hear performances by more than 20 local musicians, songwriters, poets on three stages including a special kid’s stage. Plus, enjoy dancing, songwriting, instrument-making workshops, stories and songs for kids, jam sessions, open mike, sing-along, food, fun and more!

Major Sponsorship for this Event from:
Bernunzio’s Uptown Music; ESL Federal Credit Union; Hogan’s Hideaway; Mary Lou Medley; Pharaoh’s Hairum, Inc.; Pilaroscia Agency, Inc.; Urban Essentialz; The Ravioli Shop
Special Thanks to The Harley School

Participants must sign up for workshops and children’s activities. Groups are limited to 20 people. Sign up begins at 1 p.m..

Event Schedule
1:00 p.m.
Dave Donnelly Band, Main Theatre
Connie Deming, Outside Stage
Golden Link Folk Society, Music Jam, Outside Canopy Area

Kinloch Nelson, Centrum

String Song Orchestra, Outside Courtyard
Golden Link Folk Society, Music Jam, Outside Canopy Area
Instrument Making Workshop: Bernie Lehman – Guitar, LOCATION
Workshop: John Bernunzio – Rare Instrument Collection; Bring your instruments for an estimate of their worth, Main Lobby
Spoken Word Workshop: Story Go Round – Dwain Wilder LOCATION
Instrument Techniques Workshop: Ethan Borshansky – Electronic Music LOCATION
Children’s’ Activities/Performances: Jay Stetzer

Watkins and the Rapiers, Main Theater
Ken Hardley Group, Outside Stage
Allen Hopkins & Company, Outside Stage

3:00 – 5 p.m.
Open Mic, sign up when you arrive
Golden Link Folk Society, Sing Around, Outside Canopy Area
Instrument Making Workshop: Eric Aceto – Violin
Instrument Techniques Workshop: Steve Greene – Guitar Improvisation LOCATION
Children’s’ Activities/Performances: Annette Ramos

Jeff Riales, Centrum
Dance the Texas 2 Step and Country Swing with Rochester Swing Dance
Network founders Esther Brill and Richard Newman, Main Theater.

HUNU, Main Theater
Flip Siders & Guests, Outside Stage
Golden Link Folk Society, Sing Around, Outside Canopy Area
Instrument Making Workshop: Dwain Wilder – Dulcimer LOCATION
Instrument Techniques Workshop: Kinloch Nelson – Alternate Tunings LOCATION
Children’s’ Activities/Performances: Erie Canal Sal

Aceto Brothers, Centrum
Swing Dance for dancers (especially beginners!) at any level. Rochester Swing Dance Network, Main Theater
Flip Siders & Guests, Outside Stage

Golden Link Folk Society, Music Jam, Outside Canopy Area

White Hots, Main Theater
Instrument Techniques Workshop: Allen Hopkins – Mandolin LOCATION

Golden Link Folk Society, Music Jam, Outside Canopy Area

Deborah Fox, Centrum
Dady Brothers, Outside Stage

$15 in advance, $20 at the door; seniors $11 in advance, $15 at the door; students $5 in advance $8 at the door; children under 12 free. Buy at Bernunzio’s Uptown Music, Stutzman’s Guitar Center, House of Guitars, Wegmans, Parkleigh, Urban Essentialz and the Bop Shop.

About Dennis Monroe & the Music Through the Ages Fund
Dennis Monroe was a gifted musician and teacher who generously shared and inspired all who were privileged to know him. The Music Through the Ages Fund was founded as a living tribute to his memory, and endeavors to promote and support activities that further the creation, performance and teaching of music in the same spirit. This past year Friends of Music Through the Ages organized and sponsored 6 concerts which served over 1000 students in the City School district.

For More Information
Volunteers and sponsors are welcome. Please contact Joni Monroe, jmonroe7@rochester.rr.com, (585) 244-3274) for more information or visit www.blackdogfest.com.


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Had the pleasure of checking out a new sushi restaurant on Park Avenue yesterday for lunch. Piranha is located at 682 Park Avenue in the previous Jack Laveres location (better known as the Big Apple Café back in the day). They offer sushi and tapas. Some of rolls we tried were the:

  • Sea Monster Octopus, tobiko, cilantro, avocado, chili-garlic aioli, ponzu sauce,
  • Fujimaya Roll: tempura shrimp, mango, topped with eel sauce
  • Mistletoe Roll: Salmon, honey, cream cheese, avocado, fresh berries (cherries on our visit)
  • the huge Leviathon Roll: Eel, tempura shrimp cucumber, mayonaise, seaweed salad, onion crunchies, topped with eel sauce.

We also ordered one of their three different combos featuring chef’s choice of one maki roll and 3 nigiri, the chef upgraded the maki roll to a regular roll which was a nice touch. I thought the addition of fruit in the rolls was a pleasant surprise, and a nice contrast to savory and salty flavor of the fish, seaweed and soy sauce. I assume the sushi chef previously worked/trained at California Rollin’ per the “In appreciation of Tom Beaman Sr.” listed after one of the rolls on the menu. I’m quite picky when it comes to my sushi and found the chefs execution up to par, a nice balance between the fresh ingredients and the rice. I don’t like a ton of rice on my rolls. Some of the tapas they offer are as follows, grilled tenderloin, king crab cake, shrimp anticucho and ceviché (prepared daily) which we did try, it featured escolar and diced mangos among the other ingredients and was very fresh and tastey. I assume they just opened as they seems to be working some of the kinks out and are yet to receive there liquor license, but you may byob (no bottle charge as far as I know). They also offer patio dining out on the sidewalk. The interior is very upscale/refined per it’s previous incarnation of Jack Laveres. The service was friendly and the waiteress was attentive once everything arrived and kept our water glasses filled. She also made sure we were enjoying everything. Prices were what you’d expect, $6 – $14.50 for the ala carte rolls and $4 – $19.50 for the tapas. All in all I would recommend that you try it and I am looking forward to my next visit.

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(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, file)

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, file)

What can I say, I’m sad to see that Americas’s best known beer has been gobbled up by the Belgian mega brewer InBev. It may not be my favorite brew but I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve definitely enjoyed a few over the years. Certain American brands just seem sacred to me for some reason, don’t you agree? What happened to August Busch IV saying that he’d never sell as long as he was at the helm? An additional $5 bucks a share in stockholders pockets is what happened. Funny thing is that Budweisers origins do go back to bavaria. So perhaps Adolphus Busch isn’t rolling over in his grave or is he? Oh well, as long as they keep there hands off of Jenny I’ll be OK… What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Great to see the newly coined “Dundee Brewing Co.” is helping to raise awareness and support of Colony Collapse Disorder. Every time you buy a Dundee product—Honey Brown or any other—they will donate a percentage of the sale to the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF)—up to $25,000. The ABF is leading the charge to find an answer to CCD. Through your purchase of Dundee products, you can help. So why not have a beer for the bee’s, just another great reason to drink local. http://www.dundeeforthebees.com/

After much thought I have to say I like new direction High Falls Brewing Co. is going with their brands. It was also a pleasant surprise to see a full page ad on the back cover of the latest edition of the Beer Advocate mag. I can’t wait to see the new branded beers in the stores. It does seem like they are having more focus on local promotion now.

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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet there is a new Genny Ad campaign that I just love. You can write your own tag line for a vintage Genny Advertisement and they will put it on on the site. Then you can vote on your favorite. If you win they will use your tag for the national campaign! You also have the option of making a T-shirt once it’s on the site. It usually take about 24hrs. for it to show up (if it’s approved). So get out there and tag Jenny! I’d love to see more vintage advertising campaigns like this. I love that vintage Jenny!


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