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Just picked up a six pack of Double Dark Cream Porter at he Mt. Read Wegmans (the first I’ve seen it since hearing about them bottling it).. Ahh it soo good it should be illegal, much more flavorful when served at room temperature or slightly chilled! Dark Chocolately and deep roasted creamy flavor with restrained bitterness and lovely hop finish…. The English Pale Ale is also now available in 6 packs. Also grabbed a growler of CB’s Octoberfest but was very disappointed by overly skunked flavor courtesy of the bright lights in Wegmans cooler! -BOO! Time to switch to dark glass growlers – C’mon protect that great beer!….


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Just  caught word that Tröegs will add Ohio and the rest of New York state to their distribution area.
So for everyone who hasn’t had their lips blessed with their tasty brew you are in for a treat!!!
Their entire packaged portfolio is now available throughout Ohio via Premium Beverage Supply. They will start selling beer in upstate New York in mid-October through L. Knife Company, focusing on Troegenator Doublebock and Hopback Amber Ale. They will continue to add brands to New York starting in early 2009.

Tröegs beer is now available in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.

I hope it lands in Rochester, perhaps I’ll have to put a call into Beers of the World.

Also: beer writer Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) has picked The Mad Elf as the number one holiday beer in the world. Russell’s second book, Christmas Beers: The Cheeriest, Tastiest and Most Unusual Holiday Brews, looks at the 2,000-year-old worldwide tradition of brewing and drinking festive ales and lagers during the winter holidays, and lists the 50 Best Christmas Beers Ever, with The Mad Elf topping the list. It offers reviews of 150 plus Christmas brews; and provides home brewing recipes for ambitious readers who want to try their hand at the winter warmer brewing tradition. The book will be available soon at the Tröegs Brewery Tasting Room.

So now the question is will the Mad Elf ever invade the Rochester area? I think I’l have to arrange for some to get smuggled in! (Dad are you listening?)

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Reminiscing about Genesee

Not to be missed. This months beer session post on the Great Lew Bryson’s (definitely a big inspiration for me) site, Seen Through a Glass. I assume your already a reader of his great writings right? Anyway his first beer memory is the one and only… Genesee. Yes I got so excited about it that I didn’t even read the rest of the post yet (yes I’m a beer dork). Although I had read it before in his NY Breweries book – recommended reading. As I think back to some of my earliest beer memories- first beer I remember tasting while I was in single digits and being grossed out by.. Grolsch, one of my dad’s early favorites, coincidentally this was also my first reaction to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while in college, now one of my favorite beer styles. Another early memory for me was my grandfather (Pop-Pop) sipping on Miller 7oz ponies, the only beer or alcohol I’d ever seen him drink on a rare occasion.

Here’s a direct link to the post http://xrl.us/IHeartGenny

What were your first beer memories?

Makes me wonder what was your first introduction to Microbrews was and reaction?

(c’mon you can leave a comment I know you can)
One of the first microbrews I remember tasting was Stoudt’s (being a PA boy) I remember my Dad bought me a big ole case of the big wine bottle Stoudt’s sampler pack to take with me back to college. My roomates and me were blown away that they had a Smoky beer (Rauchbier) I don’t think they even brew that style anymore? It’s been too long since I’ve tasted Stoudts.

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The blogs been a little slow lately, I’ve been laying low recovering from surgery but am looking forward to lots of FALL FUN coming up. Particlulary the Autumn Festival of Ales of Ales and  a visit to The Great Pumpkin Farm. The Great Pumpkin Farm is located in Clarence (right next to the Flea Market). They have all kinds of stuff going on this time of year, so check out their website for listings of what’s going and more info/directions etc. Their baked goods in particular are very tasty, don’t leave without some. Their “Special Festival” is this weekend and next and makes for a great family outing.

Back to the Autumn Festival of Ales, something about this festival just seems perfect, perfect setting, perfect time of the year and GREAT beer. This event seems to get bigger every year and this year it will feature more parking and MORE bathrooms – great, that’s always a good thing and I look forward to NOT peeing in the woods in front of co-workers this year. This would also be a great time of year for a nice fall drive to check out Custom Brewcrafter new digs (note: the Autumn Festival of Ales in not at the Brewery).

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Final ballot is now online and in print so go cast you vote for your fav’s now!

I have to give a shoutout for VERTEX! Hope you get best NIGHTclub!.!. I can’t think of better club that represent the “NIGHT” more…. and Vertex does always have a fresh keg of microbrew on tap! Very often something hoppy or from Middle Ages Brewery.


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