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Happy Thanksgiving!


Well I thought I better force out a post before the months over. What can I say moneys been tight so the extra curricular activities have been few but I did manage to scrape enough pennies up for the wonderful Great Lakes Brewing Company 12 pack sampler! Wow these are some great beers but you don’t need me to tell you that judging by their multiple GABF Medals they’ve won. My favorite thing about the sample 12 pack is that their was no obligatory fruit beer to be found!!! -you know those beers that end up collecting in your fridge that you try pawn off on women when they come over – “Try this, you’ll like it it’s fruity”! Nothing against fruit beers but the ones in alot of the sampler packs just don’t seem to be all that tastey in my opinion… Anyways the sampler contained: Burning River Pale Ale, Dortmunder Gold Lager, Eliot Ness Amber Lager and theĀ  Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. I can’t say I liked one better than another they were all so good, although the porter was really wonderful particulary for this time of the year. I thought it had a perfect balance between the roasted chocolate-coffee taste and bold hop finish. Give them a try if you have the chance. Hopefully I’ll get to try some of there other brews that weren’t in the sampler. Now I have a reason to visit Cleveland.


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