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Buckbean Beer

I’d like to start this post by thanking the nice people at Buckbean Brewing Company for sending me some of their beers for me to sample. Buckbean Brewing Company is located in Reno Nevada, founded by Douglas Booth and Brewmaster Daniel Kahn. I wasn’t familiar with their beers before getting this chance to try them. I loved that they can all their beer in 16 ounce cans, which I think should be the mandatory can size for all craft breweries.

The first beer I tried was their Tule Duck Red Ale 6.25%abv. This ruby colored, rich and robust red ale has hints of candied fruit and a smooth and restrained hop finish. I was a surprised right from the start, this isn’t your typical red ale and it almost wanders into Belgian ale flavor profiles. As a lover of red ales I find that not very many stand out in my memory, but this one is surely one I’ll remember. The next beer I tried was their Black Noddy Schwarzbier 5.2%abv. This black German style lager had a lovely mild roastiness and sweetness with tingly carbonation on the tounge and a smooth hop finish. A lovely schwarzbier! In fact halfway through my pint I had to rip into some Swans Market sausage which paired with this perfectly – Prost!. The next beer I sampled was the Very Noddy Lager 10.5%abv, an Imperial Schwarzbier! This beer has twice malt and hops of the Black Noddy Lager and is opaque black in color with lovely caramel head on it, very rich and a lot roasted nuttiness make this beer something to savor. I really didn’t notice the high alcohol because this beer was so smooth and well balanced. The last beer I sampled was the Orange Blossom Ale 5.8%abv, Right from the start I picked up the sweet scent of orange blossoms and this ale is smooth and creamy with just a hint of orange essence which comes from the orange blossom water they use as an ingredient. It had nice restrained mild tartness flavor and smooth hop finish . This would be a nice beer to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Overall I was impressed by Buckbeans originality and have to say all their beers were very well balance and smooth across the board. The Black Noddy and Very Noddy were definitely my favorites and I look forward to trying them again sometime. One thing I found amusing when reading up on Buckbean Brewing Co. was that the founders goal was to “Create a new type of microbrew appealing to both male and female drinkers.” which I thought was kind of funny!- but I do have to say that Mrs. Cream Ale Drinker who likes beer but isn’t an enthusiast like myself really loved the schwarzbier, to the point she said she could drink it more often – that was a first, she also really liked the Orange Blossom Ale. As far as I know Buckbean’s beers are only available in Nevada area but I did hear of tastings coming up in the the New York City area so perhaps they exploring distribution options. I hope so!


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