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Where have I been?

Well if you haven’t noticed the Cream Ale Drinker has been on a sabbatical of sorts since 2011. Where have I been? Life has changed A LOT for me since 2011. The company I’m working for has had a lot of successful growth that has kept me very busy. I also enjoy spending a lot of my time with my kids, including attending or coaching their sports. Another thing is that there has been so many great new spots opening in Rochester that I haven’t been able to be on the forefront of their discovery with my busy work schedule.  Among all the great new places the Genesee Brewhouse and Swiftwater are two of my favorites! I do miss the blog and have been playing with some ideas of bringing it back. I’m still very involved in the local 12 Horse chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) and our yearly Brewery Collectibles show that has been getting bigger and better every year. I’ve also been working on my design/marketing business and making t-shirts. Check them out if you have a minute. http://mckeeandson.com/


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