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NYbrewtrlThere is top notch article on Craft Breweries in NY/ Empire State Beer trail over at the Syracuse New Times. A must for any NY craft brewing enthusiast.
Check it out here.
There is also a link to the official State beer trail site at the end of this post.

I’m also looking forward to upcoming Middle Ages Brewing Co. Beer Social at the Tap & Mallet on Wednesday Aug. 26th. Shame on you if you haven’t hit one of these beer socials yet at the Tap & Mallet, I would strongly recommend attending but buy your tickets early because they always sell out. They are a lot of fun and the beer social format is fun and relaxed way to enjoy and learn about a specific breweries brews.

I’ve also heard that  Goose Island‘s beers hailing from Chicago Il. are now being distributed in the Rochester area, not sure where exactly other than hearing the Tap & Mallet has one or two on tap (if the kegs aren’t kicked yet). I’m looking forward to giving them a try. I also finally got my hands on Genesee Cream Ale and regular Genesee tall boy cans or “Pounders” as we call them in south central PA. I walked into work Monday and they were sitting on my desk courtesy of a co-worker. It’s funny how certain beer evoke memories of the last time you’ve enjoyed them even if it’s been a decade or more. The tallboy cans for instance reminded me of the days stumbling along the alleys and streets of Oakland-Pittsburgh, Pa when I was in college sipping on of all things Blatz Pounders. I haven’t had or seen a “Blatz” since then. The Genesee tall boys are available at Aman’s Farm Market in Irondequoit at 2458 East Ridge Road and from what I’ve heard they have a good beer selection over there… So check them out if your in the neighborhood.

More information and maps on the Empire State Beer Trail can be found here.


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I’d like to start off this post by thanking Jaime Barclay for taking the time to craft this post and for being my first guest poster on my blog. I’ve been catching word on the twittisphere about Nathaniel Square’s Corner Store for a few weeks now (mostly from Jaime) and thought it would be fitting if she wrote a post about them.

I am a bit of an anomaly; I’m a young, professional beer-loving woman in a sea of men. I never over indulge, you won’t see me disrespecting the experience, and my choice is always calculated. I know every spot in Rochester that sells craft beer, which locations will order new beers I’m looking to try, and where to find the freshness.

Beer is an experience; I want my buying to be just as enjoyable as my tasting.

With the tighter economy I may not be going out as much, but I am deliberately choosing where to live my life. One of my favorite sayings is “Thank you for allowing me to spend my money at your store/bar/or restaurant”.

One of my newest and most favorite places to be and be seen is Nathaniel Square Corner Store at 495 South Avenue in the South Wedge. The concept is sheer genius, old fashion corner store with the tastiest, freshest, and most knowledgeable people talking “shop”.

What else would you expect from owners John Roth (aka “Taco John” ~ John’s Tex Mex) and Jay Schreiber (hippest drummer from the Niche & lead singer/guitar for Slow Light), they love the South Wedge and are a couple of the sickest beer, NON snobs around. You walk in and you feel at home; no stuffiness here and no tacky signage. Only glass bottled milk from Byrne Dairy, fresh pastries and bread from Georgie’s, cool craft sodas, and 10 cooler doors of hoppy goooodness.

We only have one Rochester, one today, and one life; why settle for less than what we want. Sometimes we want an $8 12-pk and sometimes we are into a yummy $8 deuce deuce; whatever your choice, make it local.

Nathaniel Square Corner Store is centrally located and lucky for me they are directly on my way anywhere I’m going. They are open Monday – Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm and Sunday 9am-5pm. They are on Twitter and you can always follow me for updates on all things #craftbeer and #ROC.

Now I’m thirsty….

*I do not work for Nathaniel Square Corner Store, but am proud sponsor of their concept, ethic, and serious craft beer selection.

– In addition to their thoughtfully chosen beer selection they also offer mixed six packs by style/theme. Ex. Some of the ones I’ve heard about are Summer Beers, IPA’s and Stouts availability is limited. – Daron

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