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The first cases of the Genesee Heritage Collection variety pack are delivered to a few select bars in Downtown Rochester NY by Horse and Carriage.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Genesee was bring back the iconic 12 Horse Ale, not to mention that they marked the occasion by delivering it by horse drawn carriage to a few select bars in downtown Rochester, NY. The beer was originally introduced in 1933 and was last on store shelves in 2003 when it was pulled due to lack of sales. It was delivered to Salinger’s Bar around lunch time today in the new Genesee Heritage Variety Packs. The pack features Genesee Lager, Cream Ale and of course 12 Horse Ale all in vintage style stubby glass bottles.  As a collector of NY breweriana 12 Horse has always been one my favorite brands so I was thrilled to get to try it and see it being produced once again. Here’s to hoping it catches on and sticks around for while. The Heritage Variety Pack are a limited release and should be hitting store sometime very soon. Try some while you can or better yet share some with your friends and family and see what stories or memories they have of this iconic brand. Cheers!

The new 12 Horse Stubby bottle and a 1930's era 12 Horse Tray from my personal collection.


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Naked Dove Brewing Company

It was great to get a taste of new beers from New York’s newest craft brewery Naked Dove. I sampled the Amber, IPA and Porter. All the beers were delicious but the Porter was the real standout for me. Pleasant hop flavor upfront that transitions into a nice roasted chocolate flavor, wonderfully balanced. I’m already craving some more. Dave Schlosser is the Brewmaster and owner along with 2 other partners. Dave is an alumni of every Brewery in town (Rohrbach, Custom Brewcafters, and High Falls Brewing Co.) so it’s great to see him break out and do things on his own. He also mentioned they will be coming out with a Black Rasberry beer which wasn’t ready in time for the tasting. Naked Dove IPA and Porter are currently on tap at Monty’s Corner and the IPA is on at the Tap and Mallet. So give it a try. The Naked Dove Brewery is located at  4048 Route 5 and 20, Canandaigua, NY, 14424. The tasting room is open and available for growler fills Thurs – Fri: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Sat: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. You can reach them at 1-585-396-ALES with any questions. Check them out on facebook or on their website http://www.nakeddovebrewing.com/

 Update: Berry Naked Black Raspberry is now available at select locations as of 4-17-2011.

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I’d like to start off this post by thanking Jaime Barclay for taking the time to craft this post and for being my first guest poster on my blog. I’ve been catching word on the twittisphere about Nathaniel Square’s Corner Store for a few weeks now (mostly from Jaime) and thought it would be fitting if she wrote a post about them.

I am a bit of an anomaly; I’m a young, professional beer-loving woman in a sea of men. I never over indulge, you won’t see me disrespecting the experience, and my choice is always calculated. I know every spot in Rochester that sells craft beer, which locations will order new beers I’m looking to try, and where to find the freshness.

Beer is an experience; I want my buying to be just as enjoyable as my tasting.

With the tighter economy I may not be going out as much, but I am deliberately choosing where to live my life. One of my favorite sayings is “Thank you for allowing me to spend my money at your store/bar/or restaurant”.

One of my newest and most favorite places to be and be seen is Nathaniel Square Corner Store at 495 South Avenue in the South Wedge. The concept is sheer genius, old fashion corner store with the tastiest, freshest, and most knowledgeable people talking “shop”.

What else would you expect from owners John Roth (aka “Taco John” ~ John’s Tex Mex) and Jay Schreiber (hippest drummer from the Niche & lead singer/guitar for Slow Light), they love the South Wedge and are a couple of the sickest beer, NON snobs around. You walk in and you feel at home; no stuffiness here and no tacky signage. Only glass bottled milk from Byrne Dairy, fresh pastries and bread from Georgie’s, cool craft sodas, and 10 cooler doors of hoppy goooodness.

We only have one Rochester, one today, and one life; why settle for less than what we want. Sometimes we want an $8 12-pk and sometimes we are into a yummy $8 deuce deuce; whatever your choice, make it local.

Nathaniel Square Corner Store is centrally located and lucky for me they are directly on my way anywhere I’m going. They are open Monday – Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm and Sunday 9am-5pm. They are on Twitter and you can always follow me for updates on all things #craftbeer and #ROC.

Now I’m thirsty….

*I do not work for Nathaniel Square Corner Store, but am proud sponsor of their concept, ethic, and serious craft beer selection.

– In addition to their thoughtfully chosen beer selection they also offer mixed six packs by style/theme. Ex. Some of the ones I’ve heard about are Summer Beers, IPA’s and Stouts availability is limited. – Daron

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Exceptional vintage photograph of downtown showing the The Powers Building. I love all bikes parked on the sidewalk and the uncongested streets. Thankfully this building has survived all these years too bad the Trolley’s haven’t. Jump over to Shorpy to see it full size.

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As reported in the local news and in the Wall Street Journal the High Falls Brewery is in the final stages of being bought out by the KPS Capital Partners LP, a private-equity firm. They are also hoping to buy of all things Labatt (LaCrap) USA from Anheuser-Busch InBev and per U.S. regulations would have to have own a brewery to produce Labatt’s in order to buy it…. I think I’d rather see the brewery fall into the river gorge rather than start brewing Labatt’s. I don’t see how this could be a good thing and would expect some of their brands to be eliminated by KPS since they are known for scooping up trouble companies and doing what’s necessary to get them on track. I hope this doesn’t result in any job losses for the brewery. Will this be the end of Genesee as we know it? Hopefully not but I think major changes are inevitable. So friends please raise a can in rememberance of this fine brewery and Rochester icon.

There are several good articles about this on local new sites:
10 NBC
Rochester Home Page (with video)

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Thought I’d share this great vintage pic of Newsie’s havin’ fun during a crap game. From my favorite blog and daily read. Shorpy. Go check out the site to see the full size version and many more wonderful vintage photos from our nations past. Not too sure where exactly “Paper Alley” is now a days but from my quick research it seems to be an alley just off of Main St. which I’m assumeing may of been behind the Democrat and Chronicles/Daily Record old location.

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As this year winds to an end I’d like to thank everyone that’s gotten the occasional amusement from my blog or have posted my link on their site… I’ve been amazed by the number of hits/readers. I hope to improve on content and various aspects for the blog in the new year including taking it to it’s own domain. I find myself glad 2008 is coming to an end, it’s been full of up and downs for me, as I’m sure it has with many of you out there. I’m looking forward to 2009 and new discoveries of all things Rochester. I hope to visit Custom Brewcrafters new facility over the holidays while my parents are in town visiting, along with me and my father running through the isles of beers of the world like 2 kids in a candy store while my Mom roles her eyes at us as she waits patiently.

What’s everyone planning on drinking over the holiday?

Surely I’ll be sipping on a few bottles of Corsendonk Brown Ale thanks to a generous co-worker that gave me a 4 pack as thanks for a favor… She slyly had a co-worker ask me what my favorite beer was during the holidays and then went to Beers of the World and asked them if they had a beer by the name of Coors Endonk?!?!– lucky for me the clerk figured it out. I’m sure I will be also be enjoying a growler or two from Rohrbachs (Casey’s Christmas Ale) and Custom Brewcrafters as well as some long anticipated growlers of Homebrew from my Dad. So with that said I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!- SALUDE!– Daron

Not to be missed, the year in photographs from the Boston Globe. Incredibly striking imagery.

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