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Finger Lakes Fireball

I was intrigued when I heard the news of the release of Finger Lakes Distilling’s first batch of bourbon, McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey. So when a friend offered to pick me up a bottle from the distillery (thanks Neil B.) located on the east side of Seneca Lake I jumped at the opportunity. I was excited to taste their first batch of bourbon crafted from local products right here in Upstate NY. Finger Lakes Distilling bourbon is made with 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% malted barley. The corn is not a hybrid and it is local and organic. Once I got the bottle I actually considered not opening it for a second, it being their first batch, but I was excited because I wanted to try the bourbon and I buy whiskey for drinking not saving – collecting. So I cracked it… I poured a splash into one of my Glencairn nosing glasses¬†–¬†Wow did this stuff pack a flavorful and heartwarming fiery punch, lots of spiciness with some heat, cinnamon, hints clove and nice underlying sweetness. This whiskey is really something, and I will definitely be savoring it! I’m also looking forward trying more of their spirits and future bourbon releases. Now I have to get my hand on bottle of their Rye. So give Finger Lakes Distilling a try or better yet go try it while your on a visit to the distillery! -Batch 1 sold out quickly and batch two of the bourbon will be released sometime in the next 6 months. http://www.fingerlakesdistilling.com/

While I’ve been a scotch drinker for a few years this was my first experience with a craft bourbon and has really peaked my interest in exploring more varieties.


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