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The first cases of the Genesee Heritage Collection variety pack are delivered to a few select bars in Downtown Rochester NY by Horse and Carriage.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Genesee was bring back the iconic 12 Horse Ale, not to mention that they marked the occasion by delivering it by horse drawn carriage to a few select bars in downtown Rochester, NY. The beer was originally introduced in 1933 and was last on store shelves in 2003 when it was pulled due to lack of sales. It was delivered to Salinger’s Bar around lunch time today in the new Genesee Heritage Variety Packs. The pack features Genesee Lager, Cream Ale and of course 12 Horse Ale all in vintage style stubby glass bottles.  As a collector of NY breweriana 12 Horse has always been one my favorite brands so I was thrilled to get to try it and see it being produced once again. Here’s to hoping it catches on and sticks around for while. The Heritage Variety Pack are a limited release and should be hitting store sometime very soon. Try some while you can or better yet share some with your friends and family and see what stories or memories they have of this iconic brand. Cheers!

The new 12 Horse Stubby bottle and a 1930's era 12 Horse Tray from my personal collection.


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poster by Daron McKee

Check out the 3rd Annual 12 Horse Chapter – Spring Brewery Collectible Show coming up on Saturday April 30th. Need a new beer item to decorate your home bar?- or just come to browse all the neat stuff and talk about collecting. Admission is free. There will be a plethora of brewery collectibles to check out and there’s always a bargain to be found. A fun time for a new or seasoned collector. Hope to see you there!

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I would like to invite everyone to the 12 Horse Brewery Collectible Club’s first annual breweriana show this Saturday May 2 from 9am-3pm. Admission is FREE! It’s at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 70 Barrett Drive, Webster, NY 14580.

We have put a lot of work into planning this show and are very happy that all of our dealer tables have sold out. There will be a large amount of interesting brewery memorabilia on display and for sale. There is also a cash bar for refreshments. There will also be raffle giveaways.

I have always been a collector from the toys I coveted as a child to the baseball and comic books of my youth. I think breweriana was a natural progression for me. Obviously I love beer and being a graphic designer I’ve always had a great appreciation/love for vintage advertising. The problem for me was that great examples of vintage advertisng/signs etc. are very expensive and it always frustrated me that the examples I liked were out of my price range. Then one day my wife brought me home a beer tray she got in box lot at an local auction and something just clicked. A lot of beer collectibles are fairly affordable depending on scarcity, pre-prohibition being the rarest and more expensive items. I am quite amusing how each collector I meet has specific love for a certain category or type brewery items. Some people primarily just collect old cans, some just cork lined bottle caps, some love the beer serving trays or coasters. Some will just collect items from a certian city or region.

Beer + Vintage Adversting + a love for Rochester History = Breweriana!

So I  began scowering flea markets and ebay and to my delight these neat items were always right under my nose. I still wonder why I hadn’t noticed them earlier. So now I have modest collection of stuff mostly centering around Rochester Breweries, in particular I  love Tam O’shanter Brewery items and Genesee items, particulary 12 Horse stuff  from the thirties is a favorite. When we moved into our mid-century house I was delighted to see 1950’s style bar in the basement just begging to display my stuff which I quickly coined Tamo’s Speakeasy. So if you have love for beer and an appreciation for vintage advertising I say come check out our show I think you’d enjoy it and maybe you’ll get the collecting bug. Perhaps I will post some my items in the future if there any interest in seeing them?

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